Our philanthropic partner Wild Swell joined the United Nations in New York

Plastic Oceans is a global network that plays a pivotal role in bringing together non-profits, charitable organizations, and people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe in order to be part of the solution to our use of plastic. We are so excited to support their team going forward in an effort to further spread awareness and education on the dangers of plastics to our earth.  With a mission to change the world’s attitude toward plastic within a generation, the Plastic Oceans organization launched their own documentary in January that addresses the problems with plastic, and the current state in which it has left our oceans. Filming began about five years ago when a documentary filmmaker discoveredheavy pollution in what he had imagined would be pristine and clear. The film uncovers shocking evidence of the poor state of our oceans, and reveals possible solutions that can be put in place to help in the future.  In May, our founder Logan Avant met with the Plastic Oceans team. They graciously invited Wild Swell to join them at the United Nations Oceans Conference in New York from June 5-9. The event brought together different organizations and countries from around the world to implement what’s called Sustainable Development Goal 14, or SDG14 for short. In a nutshell, SDG14 seeks to conserve and use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for sustainable development. Plastic Oceans hosted their own presentation on Tuesday, featuring an abbreviated, 20 minute version of their documentary, A Plastic Ocean.  “It showed a complete overview, from the paths plastic takes once it leaves your hands to the anatomy of the fish and the toxins that are released when plastics are digested, and then how those toxins are passed onto humans,” said Renata LaRocca, Wild Swell team member and supporter since the beginning. “They take the entire food chain into consideration and give you a good perspective of the conditions the oceans are currently in. The movie addresses the risks we are putting on the future of our species if we don’t make a change in our use of plastic and the way we are polluting.” After the film, the team opened the floor up for discussion about possible solutions and tactics for escalating action toward the issue, as well as how to reverse the negative impact plastic has already caused to the ocean.  Groups in the audience ranged from college students to children, world leaders to executives of corporations. All came together to ask for advice on how to change the current system, and the overwhelming theme was the question, “How can we help?”. Wild Swell is looking forward to partnering with Plastic Oceans in the future to answer that very question: how can we help? Later this summer, Wild Swell will host a special screening of A Plastic Ocean as part of a fundraising event that will support the fight against single-use plastics and their current impact they have on the earth. Furthermore, any contributions made to the Wild Swell Spring Dream campaign will help fund education projects with the Plastic Ocean Foundation, focused on plastic pollution prevention and productive end-uses for current plastic waste. Check out our donations page to learn more about Wild Swell Spring Dream and how you can contribute.

Written by Lauren Ennis

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