Wild swell repost: In the Cockpit of Philanthropy

We know that, even when you send your dollars to a charitable cause, you may not know exactly what that money is going toward, what it’s building, or who it’s helping. Sure, you know the organization you donated to, but what happens to your donation after you click the “Submit” button online?

That’s an issue that’s common to the non-profit sector. Often, true business milestones and performance indicators are not taken advantage of to show audiences what those donations are actually accomplishing. We recognize this as a problem, and using our collective business acumen and experience we will go a different, more transparent route to collecting and distributing the donations that are made toward Wild Swell projects.

To demonstrate what we mean, here’s an example:

Imagine you are a pilot. Picture yourself sitting in the cockpit with just one big “Power” button in front of you. Nothing else is on the dashboard. There’s no way to tell how fast you’re going, how much gas you have left, if you’re low on oil, overheating…nothing.

Now let’s compare that to what it can be like when giving to a charitable cause. Let’s say you want to donate to your favorite charity. You log onto their website, enter your donation amount, and click “Submit”. Done! You’ve donated. Now go on with your day.

Wait, what? Do you know where that money is going? What exactly is it funding? What are those dollars translating to?

Think back to a few seconds ago when you were the pilot. One big “Power” button got everything started, but told us nothing about what was going on under the hood. Jets move fast, and without all the necessary indicators, the degree of safety and possibility of success go way down.

Unfortunately, a lot of nonprofits take on that “Power” button approach. While oftentimes, you can be assured your dollar is going to the cause you chose, it’s less common to be provided actual data showing the effects of your donation.

At Wild Swell, we want to fly a different kind of plane. We’re talking one with gages, dials, and indicators that show the exact impacts of our fundraising efforts. Just like a jet, global issues progress quickly, and how well they are managed affects real people. We want to keep our friends and followers up to speed by showing them the social change that’s created by their support. With the return on investment of every project in mind, we’ll develop dials and buttons (in the form of charts, graphs, reports, and case studies) that exhibit the impact of your efforts. You can see evidence of it so far in our current and past projects, Spring Dream and now Summer Love.


We’re proud to practice a 100% model, in which 100% of donations go directly to projects, and excited to deliver consistent and meaningful stats to those that are directly responsible for flying this plane – our supporters.

Written by Lauren Ennis

Logan Avant