Get COBO Faced and Help Give a Smile

Photo by Austin Benke; Article by Lauren Ennis

Photo by Austin Benke; Article by Lauren Ennis

A trip to the dentist is one of those necessary evils that is dreaded by many, yet adored by some. For kids, it’s the chance to get out of school for a couple hours, lie about the regular flossing they do at home, and maybe there’s even a lunch out after that. The truth is, a great smile is a luxury that not all are afforded at birth. That’s why the local Oceanside company COBO Bottle has launched a new program, “Get COBO FACED,” in partnership with Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, in order to help bring healthy smiles to more faces in the community and around the world. 

Fresh Start is a charity that provides a second chance to disadvantaged children and teens suffering from physical limitations, including cleft palate and lip surgeries. Each year, the organization hosts six to seven Surgery Weekends where doctors and other experts donate their time to change the lives of others. In 2018, their Surgery Weekend Program provided 1,473 medical treatments to 397 patients. 

With their “Get COBO FACED” initiative, the reusable bottle company has found a new, fun and playful way to raise awareness for the initiatives at Fresh Start, and gather funds to provide surgeries to those in need well into the future. 

The process starts with picking out a solid colored, 16 ounce COBO Bottle design. Consumers can choose from Rock Black, Citrus Pink, Snow White, and Lagoon Blue. When they’re ready to check out, buyers upload a face they’d like displayed on the bottle. It can be their face, a friend’s face, or even a celebrity’s face. From there, a well-respected cartoonist named Tako creates a fun caricature of the face that was uploaded. A unique personalization, such as a name or brief phrase of the buyer’s choosing, is added using a specialized permanent engraving process done locally in Oceanside. The entire turnaround from purchase to shipment takes about two weeks. 

Each special edition bottle is priced at $45, and $4 from every bottle sold is given directly to Fresh Start to help fund surgeries for those in need of cleft palate and lip procedures. 

Not only will COBO Bottle be donating proceeds from each bottle sold, but the team will also be giving their time to the organization at both the upcoming 27th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic on March 4, 2019, and an upcoming Surgery Weekend, March 9 and 10, 2019. COBO Bottle will be on the course during the tournament having fun with the golfers and handing out donated personalized bottles to celebrities participating. This is an opportunity to meet like-minded locals and donors who are engaged in Fresh Start’s transformative work. During Surgery Weekend, the COBO Bottle team will have the opportunity to meet some of the patients, tour their facility, and join the team of volunteers who help make this extraordinary event successful. These two events mark the start of an exciting new relationship.

Shoppers can order “Get COBO FACED” Bottles online at

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