Living Life To The Fullest

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Everybody is living, but what does it really mean to live? It’s not a question that typically comes up in casual conversation, or may not even be contemplated during our auto-pilot, day-to-day lives. The thought is deep and visceral, the explanation of our reasons for existing. Some root their existence in the pursuit of passion, excitement, personal success, carrying on a family legacy, dedicating themselves to others: there are a myriad of variables that motivate humans to live.

Is the goal to cultivate a life with purpose?

COBO Bottle and Wild Swell Inc. have created an ethos out of this ideal of living with purpose - a positive purpose, with positivity being the focus.

It’s not easy to quantify, or calculate, what purpose is; but, positivity is more easily translatable if we can think about it logically. Picture a scenario where you had the opportunity to create positive change. If you pick a loose, plastic bottle up off the street, it could have otherwise remained there. Now, there has been a minute contribution made to the organisms dwelling upon the Earth for years to come. Additionally, if you reach out to someone in need, they may go on to help countless others in a chain reaction set forth by an action towards positive change.

This mentality is shared among those staff who contribute to COBO, Wild Swell and those entities’ efforts to invoke positive change within the world they inhabit: the world we all inhabit.

Staff from these organizations took the time to share their beliefs on living: what gets them going every day, what they find passion in, what pursuits in life excite them.

Considering everyday motivators, sometimes the simple things can make a profound statement. Sometimes, it’s just about appreciating the fact that something can be done each day to make someone else’s day better.

“You know, waking up and bringing joy to others is something that I’m very passionate about and I find a lot of joy for myself to bring joy to others,” said Austin, COBO’s Creative Lead. “That’s very important to me and that gets me excited,” he said.

However, living and purpose aren’t always easy to concentrate into motivation. It can take time and practice. We’re only human after all, right? Confusion and uncertainty happen; really, they’re a normal part of life. COBO and Wild Swell staff are no different. We all can strive to live better, it just takes a bit of discipline sometimes.

“I put in effort to cultivate an appreciation of life and an excitement for life,” said Sarah, COBO’s Live Give Heal Program Coordinator. “It’s something that takes work, but is also very gratifying.”

There were a myriad of responses, sharing these same sentiments on the topic of living, from other staff members as well. Whether it be living life to the fullest, being personally disciplined, giving back to the environment and the community, or waking up to surf, allowing some time to get in touch with nature. COBO and Wild Swell staff are serious about the ethos, as well as the endeavor. Mostly, they’re happy to be alive and contribute to improving the quality of life and our planet.

It’s not an embellishment, or superficial pandering, either. The reason many of the staff feel similarly is due to the fact they were drawn to a company, and partnering organization, that nurtures the value of living with purpose. That’s why the sole motivation isn’t profit, or growth for growth’s sake.

Yes, COBO is driven to push the sustainability their product offers and make sales, but the endgame is to use sales to fund partners, like Wild Swell, in their philanthropic and environmental efforts.

Seeking out like-minded people and creating a business that operates based on an unprecedented model encouraged Logan, the Founder of COBO Bottle, to create the company. A company that continues to set an example for how organizations can thrive on giving back, championing sustainability, while encouraging everyone to live with purpose.     

“I’ve learned a lot about what I think a good business is and how a good business should be run, and what the culture of that company should feel like,” he said. “I have not experienced what it feels like to work for a company that really does, and feels, what they say they do and feel. So, I wanted to create something that was true to that.”

COBO Bottle is extremely proud of their staff and the programs they have worked on with their partner Wild Swell Inc. From the Ryan Banks Academy, to the Ocean is Life Program, COBO’s partnerships create an impact by targeting projects locally and internationally with more organizations and businesses seeing the results, encouraging collaborative movements.

We will be continuing to release staff testimonies, so you can get to know them better. The better you know the staff, the better you’ll know the mission and its purpose.

Written by Paul Ostrander

Logan Avant