HOT or COLD liquids for my COBO?

Well, when we say Hot In Hot Out and Cold In Cold Out we mean it! So really though, liquids will stay hot and cold most of the day, and the exact time really depends on the originating temperature.

Make tea in your COBO Bottle.

Put a tea bag or loose-leaf tea in your COBO then pour hot water in it.  Boom, the perfect tea vessel!

Wine or mixed drinks with your COBO.

Yes, if you're of drinking age. COBO was designed with multi-function in mind.  Your COBO is designed for all drinkable liquids. Just make sure you drink responsibly, and don't forget to wash your COBO well afterwards.

Drink Fruit Infused H20 with your COBO.

By simply placing a piece of your favorite fruit or fruits into your COBO you can enjoy a tasteful fruit infused water all day long.

Our strainer will block the fruit from escaping.

Hand Wash your COBO Bottle.

We suggest that you hand wash your COBO so your next beverage will taste as it should. COBO’s largemouth design makes it easy to clean.

We also suggest using a lime to clean out the oils of your last beverage. 15-10 minutes with warm water and a lime your COBO will be fresh from any existing oils.

Remove rubber seal from lid while washing.

Return your COBO Bottle due to a product defect.

Please send us note here and we'll take care of it swiftly.



DO NOT put COBO Bottles into microwaves.

Definitely NOT.  Microwaves basically freak COBO Bottles out. Every COBO has this printed on the base as a reminder.

DO NOT wash your COBO Bottle in a dishwasher.

COBO Bottles are NOT dishwasher safe but they love to take bubble baths in the sink.

DO NOT go without cleaning your COBO after a sugary beverage.

When you fill your COBO with a sugary or oily beverage remember to thoroughly rinse your Bottle with water afterwards.

This will help keep your COBO clean and always ready for the next refill.

DO NOT throw your COBO Bottle.

Yes, COBO Bottle were made to last a lifetime and are designed tough for the everyday scraps and scratches.

BUT, Throwing your COBO may lead to injury.

DO NOT be afraid to reach out and give our company feedback.

Positive or negative we always appreciate getting feedback and ideas from our customers.

We will always be a company that values our consumers opinions and ideas.