product faq's

When will my order ship?

All orders ship the same day your order is placed unless after 3pm PST.  Currently we use USPS 2-3 day shipping for all orders and send you an update to your email once your COBO ships.

Are COBO Bottles dishwasher safe?

COBO Bottles are NOT dishwasher safe but they love to take bubble baths in the sink.

Are COBO Bottles microwave safe?

Definitely NOT.  Microwaves freak COBO Bottles out basically. Every COBO has this printed on the base as a reminder.

Can you make tea in a COBO Bottle?

You got it!  Put a tea bag or loose-leaf tea in your COBO then pour hot water in it.  Boom, tea!

Can I use my COBO for wine or mixed drinks?

Yes, if you're of drinking age. COBO was designed with multi-function in mind.  Your COBO is designed for all drinkable liquids. Just make sure you drink responsibly, and don't forget to wash your COBO well afterwards.

Does COBO offer a product warrantee?

Please stay tuned!  We're working on a rad product commitment program that will blow your mind! The warrantee will look something like this; if you manage to break it we'll shoot you a new COBO, refurbish your busted one, and donate it to an underprivileged community.

Ultimately, if you pitch your COBO down the street it will dent and scratch, drop it in a bag full of loose metal keys and sharp stuffs it may scratch, put it in ocean salt water without cleaning it after, it will rust. Love your COBO and it will love you back!

How long does COBO keep liquids hot or cold?

Well, when we say Hot In Hot Out and Cold In Cold Out we mean it! So really though, liquids will stay hot and cold most of the day, and the exact time really depends on the originating temperature.

Are COBO Bottles recyclable?

"Reuse is the new recycle" - Our Founder.

We recognize that recycling is a better way to manage waste than landfill options, however, we designed COBO to be "reused" NOT "recycled". Take care of your COBO and it will be beautiful and functional for years.

What if I want to return my COBO or my product has a defect?

Please send us note here and we'll take care of it swiftly.


company faq's

What kind of company is COBO?

We are a Public Benefit Corporation! This means we are focused on creating a positive impact on society, workers, the community, and the environment in addition to our growth and profits. We started our journey as a non-profit and discovered after the first 2 years we we're unable to grow the business in order to be competitive as a product company. So now we can grow faster and can make a bigger impact! All things considered, we still give 100% of our profits to philanthropic projects and are deeply involved in our partner's initiatives!  Check out the Live Give Heal Program

What is the Live Give Heal Program that COBO supports?

At COBO we love designing beautiful and sustainable products, and we are proud of the partnership we've developed with Wild Swell our cobranding partner.  Together we hope to inspire people to LIVE life to the fullest, GIVE back to those in need, and help HEAL the Earth's challenges.  Please visit to see where our net profits go.

How do COBO Bottles fund projects?

In 2017, our first year of operations, we have donated over $5,000 to philanthropy.  How does it work? Well, COBO Bottle sales pay for operating and overhead costs of the COBO Bottle brand and all (100%) of left over profits are donated to our nonprofit partner Wild Swell

If 100% of net profits support projects how do COBO Bottle employees get paid?

Thanks for asking! Looking for a job??  SO, we're proud to say that currently 86% of COBO Bottle's passionate employees are Volunteers.  We just launched our products in August of 2017 and we are fortunate to have ultra smart and passionate folks committed to grow COBO. We are currently hiring for paid positions so check out our openings if you love what we're doing.  We're also launching an ambassador program in January of 2018, and if that gets you excited please reach out to us here