Custom Five Sense Collective COBO Bottle 16oz

Custom Five Sense Collective COBO Bottle 16oz


COBO x Five Sense Collective


This WORLD, ENVIRONMENT, and LIFE may be the most precious things we experience.

COBO Bottle’s products are created to help remind us to preserve those elements that make life so extraordinary.

For every Five Sense Collective COBO Bottle sold $2.00 will be donated to The Plastic Ocean Foundation.


SO HOT SO COLD  Multi-walled, vacuum insulated - Cold-In Cold-Out Hot-In Hot-Out

ALL THINGS GOOD  COBO accommodates almost any hot or cold beverage

SQUEAKY CLEAN  Simple and easy to clean design

JUST WHAT YOU WANT  Bottles come with a strainer so you get pure liquid not fruit seeds, tea leaves, or smacked with sneaky ice

SWEAT FREE  Protect your stuff with a no sweating or perspiring bottle

LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD  Bottles are lightweight with the perfect balance of material to lighten up your daily tote

INNER BEAUTY  Electropolished interior does not retain or impart flavors

NICE CAP - No leaks twist on lids for every COBO bottle

SHOW ME WHAT YOU’RE MADE OF - Constructed with BPA free, toxin free, and no leaching materials

GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN - Designed to fit nicely in just about any cup holder