About COBO


Our Story 

This WORLD, ENVIRONMENT, and LIFE may be the most precious things we experience. COBO was created to help remind us to preserve those elements that make life so extraordinary. Our passion is to improve the quality of all things, and with that passion we designed the COBO products. With a COBO, you can LIVE life to the fullest, GIVE to those in need, and help HEAL the world’s challenges.


The Team Behind The Vision


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Logan Avant

Founder & CEO

“We are a social enterprise redesigning business in a world that needs a new way of operating.”

Stuart Champion

Philanthropic Strategy

“We’re not reinventing the wheel. We’re using all of its best parts.”

Jaret Sutherland

Operations Strategy

“It’s time for us all to look deep within and ask ourselves how we can do things better, be better, and build a better future for others.”


Renata Larocca


“The more we are aware, the more people care, and the more people care, the more we will change.”

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Nic Fisher

Business Development

"We all have the ability and opportunity to make this world a better place."



COBO is a proud partner of Wild Swell and joined resources to develop the Live Give Heal Program.  The program is dedicated to funding philanthropic projects creating a sustainable and independent future for the communities and cultures they serve.